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I have used SubtleTiyes for years and I love all the products. I've used almost everything that's made. Sage spray is amazing for balancing the energy in a room, in my hair, on my skin. Basically a spray through out the day keeps bad energy away. Body butter helps my eczema when it flares especially in the winter. The almond oil is great for my hair, it really puts the moisture back into it and keeps It from shedding so much. The shampoo and conditioner helps my hair get thicker and longer! It's really something for all my skin and hair care needs.


SubtleTiyes is a magnificent company with Excellent customer service and great teas not to mention other phenomenal healing products, like the adored Sage Spray. Offering pure, high quality ingredients . I am reaching out to share just how warmed and blown away I was with the customer service and how they went to extra mile to support our community and the underprivileged children that we serve. We really appreciate their help in assuring that we are able to continue in meeting the holistic care needs of those that we serve as a nonprofit organization ... as well as our staff. The teas are delicious, reasonably priced, with great healing benefits and best of all – the company is local! We Highly recommended! The Teas are high quality teas! We very happy and love that they envelope a variety of senses... the tastes are astounding and smells are aromatic and wonderfully fragrant! The bright and beautiful color of the Immune-a-tea excites the eye! Truly SENSATIONAL! This company definitely promotes and fosters self care and wellness. Thank you for supporting Loving Hands Children’s Home. We will definitely continue to purchase and meet our organization needs with Subtle Tiyes! If you haven’t tried the products, you’re in for a treat! You won’t be disappointed.

- Janiese

This is my first time using the shampoo and conditioner and I must say.. I will never use anything else again. My hair smells and feels refreshed!! Both the shampoo and conditioner smell awesome! The shampoo gives just the right lather and the conditioner left my hair feeling hydrated but not weighted down. I definitely recommend these and all of the SubtleTiyes Hair and Skincare products to everyone!!


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